CHADCOINThe Alpha Token



As active witnesses, followers and users of crypto coin economics,  we realize the vast risks, opportunities and potentials that are involved in fast growing token communities.

That being said, like our buddy Chad, the mission of our token is to empower Chad’s almighty investors with an intense feeling of clout, euphoria, and charisma.  

Chad is overflowing with clout. It has become so intense that it is getting out of control. Mr. Alpha himself is so f$cking generous that he is choosing to spread his wealth by randomly rewarding holders with Chad tokens in his weekly Chad’s Charity giveaways.

Fanboy, fangirl, (fanthey?), it doesn’t matter. Chad loves all, but more importantly, all love CHAD. Watch Chad on Twitch each Friday, where the community chooses live a raffle game that will be used to randomly reward the the lucky Chadders and/or Chaddettes.

Furthermore, Chad is dedicated to our work and movement, therefore he gives back some tokens to his holders with from a 4% transaction tax which puts $CHAD directly into your wallet every time a lad buys or a simp sells.

Why Chad?
Why not?